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Driverlink - Success Stories

Read what our subscribers have to say about our on-line recruitment centre. If you would like to share your success with us, please click on the link at the bottom of the page to e-mail our webmaster.

Good Afternoon,

Just wanted to say what a fantastic site you have to serve the needs of drivers and employers alike. Thank you and have a great weekend.


Great site! So far I've arranged 2 interviews for next week. I'm a new driver, so this has been a great service! I'll let you know what company I end up with.


I decided to move on from my trucking job for personal reasons. Thanks to I had around 15 job offers to choose from. It was as easy as filling out an application online and sitting back waiting a day or two for results. Offers poured in from all over the province. It was unbelievable. My partner and I went through all of them and decided what was best for us. I didn't find another company to work for....I found a home. I chose Mcarthur's Express, and already feel like part of the family. They are an excellent company with the highest reputation and are staffed by the best. Even though Iíve only been there a short time, I feel that I will be here for a very long time. Thanks again driverlink, for helping me find the perfect company for my qualifications. I will highly recommend you to every driver that I meet that is not happy with their job. Keep up the good work.
Lisa Radford

Thank you for your prompt response, and for allowing me to comment on your website. Last Wednesday I was laid off from my job, and went Online looking for trucking companies. I stumbled upon your website quite accidentally while perusing a brochure that I had picked up at a truck show a couple of years ago. I filled out the information online on Wednesday evening about 9:00 p.m. At 8:00 a.m. the next morning the phone rang; I set up an interview with the company for 9:45 a.m., and was hired that day! While I was attending that interview, my wife Fielded calls from 4 more trucking companies wanting to set up interviews.
I have since received calls from several companies who have asked me to "keep them in mind" if this job doesn't work out.
Your website is very informative, very easy to navigate, and definitely something I would use again should the need arise. It gives both drivers and employers the information they need to ensure a perfect fit. I have recommended it highly to family members and friends who may be looking for a new job in the future.
Again, thank you so much for everything.
Al Comeau

I am sorry about having to delete my profile so soon but I was just exploring your web site. I am still employed at another job but anticipate going back into driving in the near future -- I am not ready to start talking yet. I was amazed as I started getting calls the next day. I will be sure to sign up when I am serious about looking.

Thank you for your assistance once again because this is the 2nd job that I have found through
Ed Bonnell

I have recently found a job through your website and it was a great tool for advertising! I was just wondering how to take my profile off so that i don't take up employers time now that I have a job? Any help would be great.
Paul Nicholls

I would just like to say that this is ONE OF THE BEST websites I have seen in a LONG TIME! I had calls within 5 MINUTES of posting my resume! Awesome stuff you people - KEEP IT UP!

Driverlink was a good experience and I had quite a few calls after posting my resume.
K. Hewton

I have found employment through DriverLink! I appreciate the help in finding employment and I think it is an excellent way to find a driving job. Right now I do not need to use this website because I am now employed.
Much appreciated,
Gerald Johnson

I love your service, and I found a job my first visit on your website. I am now driving truck and don't have time or the need to visit your website right now.
Thank you so much.
Robert McBrady

I felt I needed to say something about I added my name and information to Driverlink approximately 2 weeks prior to conducting my MTO test for my "A" license. I started to receive calls and inquiries within 24 hours. Well, on July 14 I conducted my MTO test and passed on my 1st attempt, thanks to Adanac Truck Training, for those looking to get some schooling, I recommend Adanac. Anyway, as I stated on the 14th of July I passed my test, on the 15th I was interviewed and given a road test with McGillion Transport Ltd. that same day I was offered a position to drive for McGillion. Thank you Driverlink, as a new driver in the industry, by using your services I was able to find a job the very next day after receiving my license. is where any trucking professional that seeks employment should be at.
Again thank you Driverlink.
Roger Wiggins.

I recently have got a job through the website, and I would like to remove my profile and name from here. Thank you for your help in securing my new job.
Wes Leeuwestein

I posted my resume and information on Driverlink and received over 100 calls in one month from employers, I was overwhelmed and I did find a driving position thanks to
Chris Parsons

Thanks for letting me know that I havenít been logging on to your website itís because I am working part-time so I can not get on the computer as often as I would like to. If I do not login please do not terminate my membership thank you. I have gotten most of my jobs from Driverlink so thanks again for your great job and services!
Glenn Gould

First I would like to thank the people at Kim Richardson's for all their help in my truck driver training. They run a top-notch operation there. The instructors are very professional, and very supportive of new drivers. Also, the administrative staff are the most helpful people I have ever met. A first class operation!!!!! Thank you Kim.

I signed on with Driverlink on a Saturday afternoon, and on the following Thursday I was hired by D.A. LePage, in Brantford. Doug LePage did a wonderful job of making me feel welcome there, and he also made me feel like I was important to the company. I couldn't be happier.

Thank you Driverlink!! I appreciate the help you were able to provide to me. Your service has proven invaluable. I will be passing your information on to the other students I met at KRTS. I am sure they will benefit from your service too.

(Keep the shiny side up!!)

Terry White

Just a short note to let you know that I posted resume on and the next morning I got a bunch of calls from employers. I am now working again. I can't believe how quickly I was able to find a new job. The driverlink site works great! I'll definitely be recommending it to my friends.

Mike McAllister

I would like to thank Danbro Truck Training and all of their staff for helping me achieve my goal of becoming a professional truck driver. Their training process is very thorough and the instructors were superb.
I would also like to mention that is an excellent website for new drivers to register their name for potential jobs. As a new driver myself, I registered on and began receiving calls for work within 24 hours. I am presently employed with a great company thanks to

I found a job through after spending many days trying to decide which one to take. Your site is awesome for brokers or drivers. It's the only place to go!
Thank you so much

Steven Albin

Thank you, I found the job that I was looking for it pays really well. Your company provides an excellent service! I was surprised when I started to receive calls in 1 week, 6 calls!! Keep up the good work!

Sam Sementilli

I took time to use your website, and I found work, I had 22 or more people look at my profile and I have 2-3 emails that I am looking at. What a wonderful way to get a new job in the digital world!

Thanks Again,

John McKay

The service is probably the best thing someone could ever think of. I have been with this service since I got my ACZ license, I couldn't think of anything better.

I uncheck the box "Are you looking for work?" and employers call me right away, I love it!

Igor Gavric

This site is the best ever !!!!
My bio was in just a few hours when the phone calls came pouring in.
Thanks guys for a great web site! I will let everyone know how good it is.

Rick Mills

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