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DriverLink Privacy Policy


The DriverLink service provided by TransCore Link Logistics ("TransCore" or "We") through facilitates the exchange of job search information in the truck-driving industry between registered users of (our "Services"). Registered users of the Services are made up of student drivers, licensed drivers and persons such as employers and recruiters seeking the services of a licensed or student truck driver (each, a "User" or "You"). Since TransCore's business is based on information management, our commitment to protecting the privacy of your Personal Information pursuant to this privacy policy ("Policy") is an integral part of our corporate values.

"Personal Information" means information that can be used to identify you, such as your name, age, gender, family and marital status, identification numbers (such as a Social Insurance Number), financial and educational information and employment history. However, Personal Information does not included business contact information such as your title, business address or business telephone number.

1. Collection

By registering with our Services, You authorize TransCore to collect Personal Information for the purposes described in this Policy from:

  • The information that You input through our online application,

  • Your driver training school or program,

  • Any sources or references that You provide
TransCore typically collects the following types of Personal Information about Users:
  • Your name and contact information,

  • Driving preferences and vehicle type,

  • Drivers license number and type/class,

  • Driving training and record,

  • Employment history, and

  • Driver qualifications (for example, whether or not You can legally cross the Canada-US border to haul international loads).

Most of the information is collected directly from You. Your decision to withhold information may limit or affect the quality of Service that we can provide to You.

2. Purpose and Use

TransCore limits the collection of your Personal Information to that which is necessary for the Services that we provide, to market other services that may be of interest to Users, and to comply with our regulatory and legal obligations.

TransCore will not disclose your Personal Information to any third party for any other purpose except as identified in the Policy. In the event that your Personal Information is used or disclosed for any purposes not reasonably related to the Services, we will first obtain your consent for such purpose, except where prohibited by law.

3. Confidentiality Agreement for Users of this Service

Potential employers and recruiters who are Users of this Service are subject to a confidentiality agreement ( Such Users agree to protect the Personal Information that is disclosed to or obtained by them in the course of their use of the Service with at least the same level of confidentiality and security that is provided for in this Policy and as required by law. Users also agree that any Personal Information disclosed to them can only be used for the purpose of finding students and licensed drivers for truck driving positions. Personal Information cannot be used for any other purpose, including for marketing or sale to third parties.

4. Retaining and Safeguarding your Personal Information

Your Personal Information will only be retained for the reasonable time required to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and to meet any applicable legal or regulatory requirements. Our usual practice is to delete accounts after twelve months of non-use.

We protect your Personal Information by maintaining physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that meet or exceed legal requirements and industry standards and by means of ongoing staff training. Our safeguards protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use or alteration. In addition, external suppliers, service providers and Users seeking licensed or student drivers are contractually required to protect your Personal Information with appropriate security safeguards.

5. Disclosure

Unless otherwise prohibited by law, we will obtain your consent before using or disclosing your Personal Information for any purpose not described in this Policy or not reasonably related to the provision of our services.

Unless otherwise permitted by law, the Personal Information that TransCore collects shall be used to provide You with the Services, including, but not limited to:

a. Delivery of Services

For students and licensed drivers, we will disclose your Personal Information to potential employers and recruiters that subscribe to our Services for the purpose of finding qualified truck drivers. You acknowledge that other Users of DriverLink may use the Personal Information You provide to verify your work or educational experiences.

In addition, we may disclose your Personal Information to our affiliates and third party service providers who help provide the delivery of our Services in the most efficient and cost effective manner. All of our suppliers and service providers are bound by strict contractual obligations to protect and maintain the confidentiality of your information in a manner that is consistent with this Policy. By registering with our Services, You consent to our disclosure of your Personal Information to these affiliates and third party suppliers and service providers.

b. Driving Recruiters

If You have checked off the Recruiter consent box, we may share your information with recruiters who subscribe to our Services. You may at any time decide not to have your Personal Information shared with recruiters by completing and returning the Privacy Choice Form provided (

c. Providing You with Notice of Other Products and Services

To ensure You benefit from the full range of services provided by TransCore, we may share your contact information or other Personal Information as well with our affiliates to inform You of additional opportunities or products that may be of interest. If You do not wish your personal contact information to be disclosed or otherwise used for marketing purposes, please complete and return the Privacy Choice Form provided (

d. As Permitted by Law

We may disclose your Personal Information to government entities and courts where we are legally required to do so and as permitted by law.

e. Sale of Business/Reorganization

Your Personal Information will not be sold. However, we may disclose your Personal Information to acquirers or potential acquirers of all or a substantial portion of TransCore through a merger, asset purchase or consolidation, or through a restructuring, bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding. Such potential acquirers and potential acquirers shall be bound by contractual obligations to protect the confidentiality and privacy of the Personal Information disclosed to them and to secure such information in a manner consistent with this Policy.

f. For Statistical Purposes

We may use aggregated information about Users to compile anonymous statistics for our own purposes.

6. Your Privacy Choice

You always have the right to choose whether to provide us with some or all of your Personal Information. However, by withholding or withdrawing your consent, You may, in certain circumstances, prevent us, in whole or in part, from continuing to provide You with our Service.

TransCore will provide You with access to your Personal Information upon request, subject to applicable legal and business restrictions. For more information on how to access Personal Information collected about You by TransCore, please contact the Privacy Officer at the address below. A nominal fee may be charged for this service and, if so, you will be given prior notice of the amount that will be charged.

You can address any concerns, questions or suggestions You may have regarding TransCore compliance with privacy law requirements or this Policy to the Privacy Officer at the following address:

Claudia Milicevic
TransCore Link Logistics
Telephone: (905) 795-0580
Facsimile: (905) 795-0539


7. Authorization

By registering as a User with DriverLink You authorize and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information, as described in this Policy, by TransCore and its affiliates and third party service providers.

The parties hereto confirm their express wish that this agreement, as well as all other documents related hereto, including notices, be drawn up in the English language only and declare themselves satisfied therewith. Les parties aux présentes confirment leur volonté que cette convention, de même que tous les documents qui s'y rattachent, y compris tous avis, soient rédiges en langue anglaise et s'en déclarent satisfaits.

This Policy is applicable as of November 7, 2013.